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Our aim is to help you find the best place for your event within budget, requirements, quality & style as well.

Other services we provide

There are plenty other services that we provide to support your program, Food, Decorator, Lighting, etc.

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Chief Executive

Alom Gazi

Alom Gazi
Main Chef

Mehedi Hasan

Lead Decorator

Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan
Creative Director

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Community Center BD Office Event Management & Catering Service

Would like to book a perfect place for your program? Call us or send us email or submit a form so that we can assist you or simply visit our office today to talk about your event.

Event Management

Marriott Convention Center

We help you find a perfect place for your event. We provide lots of services for your program. Contact us to talk about your event.

We Offer Food

Chicken Jali Kabab Jorda Salad

We offer food for your program. Our first class chef will help you provide good quality food for your program. As a part of event we mainly do outside catering (Check Our Menu)


Wedding Reception Stage Decoration

We do all kind of decoration weather it’s open land field decoration or stage decoration any kind of decoration to make it more colourful.

…and many other cool services…